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The Science Behind microSURE™

Dr Erwin Lo, Neurosurgeon and founder,  explains the science and research that has been developed for 15 years to result in a unique water-based antimicrobial non-toxic proprietary formula that protects multiple diverse surfaces including the human skin.

Once microSURE™ has been sprayed on a target surface and allowed to dry, a newly modified surface barrier is created, this barrier works in a physical and mechanical manner to create an invulnerable surface for bacterial and or viral attachment

Surface Shield

Mechanical Action

microSURE™ adopts a mechanical kill mechanism of action that does not require toxic chemicals to combat different types of microorganisms. The ‘shield’ that coats the surface forms a covalent bond to the underlying substrate it has been applied on and becomes a protective barrier on that treated surface. Unlike traditional chemical-based sanitizers, the microSURE™ proprietary formulation creates protection for an extended period of time.

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