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Who We Are

Strategia Project Management Inc. is an innovative Healthcare group of professionals, creating unique solutions in an effort to become one of the leading biotechnology and healthcare companies in the world. Our team of experts strive to solve worldwide healthcare problems at the most difficult levels, always pushing the boundaries of science and technology. Our board-certified interdisciplinary team of physicians have over 800 years of combined experience within the healthcare industry.

About microSURE™

microSURE™ is a Strategia Company that was developed by Dr. Erwin Lo, Neurosurgeon and founder. Dr. Lo collaborated over 15 years ago with a group of experts as it relates to material science and biotechnology, to develop a very unique soluble antimicrobial solution. Through the study and advancements in the field of microscopic technology, Strategia has developed a proprietary technology that allows a treated surface to destroy the cell walls of the bio threat attempting to adhere to the underlying substrate. Our team has developed patented systems of applications and materials that provide a variety of solutions to almost any public healthcare threat. In addition, our unique technologies provide various methods of protection, which include a delivery system in aerosol form (Vapor/Mist) for large area coverage. Our team of experts have collaborated with Major Airlines, Cruise Lines and other public transportation industries concerned about the spread of microbes in passenger cabins, and developed an electrostatically charged disinfectant sprayer, to treat an entire vessel in a matter of minutes.

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