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A Message From Strategia

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Since the release of the video footage showing several Denver Bronco players walking through a misting booth that utilizes a microSURE solution there has been a great deal of questions, concerns, and interest around the topic. Although our company does not own the actual misting booths themselves, it has come to our attention that certain media outlets have released stories with inaccurate descriptions of the particular solution being used within these misting devices, leading to a number of knowledgeable individuals concerned about player safety, and liability issues. We would like to thank these individuals for their concerns and would like to take this opportunity to address them.

microSURE is a brand whose technology was developed around 15 years ago by a neurosurgeon seeking to reduce the rate of bacterial infection that occurred secondary to surgical procedures and surgical incision sites. The goal was to formulate an antimicrobial solution that was not only safe but also effective. By reengineering colloidal amorphous silica and combining this with various inert ingredients such as deionized water, a promising answer to help reducing and eliminating bacterial infections was constructed. This novel technology has since been tested both domestically and internationally and throughout this period, the outcomes of these studies have repeatedly proven that this technology is both effective and safe.

After the first initial bacterial studies performed on the microSURE technology demonstrated statistically significant results, the opportunity to test against viruses, mold, fungi and algae soon presented itself and these outcomes were no different. The technology quickly found itself with the ability to be applied to numerous FDA and EPA verticals including wound care, skin sanitization, hand sanitization, surface disinfecting and sanitizing, agriculture treatment and more. One of the most valuable findings associated with this technology is its ability to adhere to surfaces for a much longer duration of time than your typical chemical agents. This is due to the covalent bonds that are formed upon the solution drying to an applied surface and the physical creation of a mechanical barrier that protects against harmful pathogens.

As a company whose technology was invented by a board-certified neurosurgeon and whose team consists of over 160 years of physician experience, safety and efficacy are top priority. As physicians, one of our main focuses involves creating products we know would be safe for our own children to be around and or apply on themselves. The microSURE technology has been tested for eye irritation, dermal irritation, oral toxicity, inhalation toxicity and skin sensitization in accordance with U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Health Effects Test Guidelines, OPPTS 870.2500 and OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals and in each category there was no sensitivity, irritation or severe responses induced. While our technology underwent vigorous testing at the University of Liverpool, researchers described the microSURE technology as ‘chemically inert and harmless to humans’.

As stated previously, safety and efficacy are our top priority. Our company continues to run clinical trials, test against new pathogens and test for opportunities where our technology can benefit society. We appreciate your concerns and want to assure you that our intentions are to make the world a safer place and to help save lives immediately.


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