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Strategia Partners with UC DAVIS on microSURE™ Agriculture Testing

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"microSURE™ proves to be a superior solution at the 2021 Grape Powdery Mildew Fungicide Efficacy Trials conducted by Dr. Akif Eskalen and his research team at the University of California, Davis."


Photo of Dr. Eskalen explaining the positive outcomes demonstrated with the use of microSURE™. 

2021 Grape Powdery Mildew Fungicide Efficacy Trial Summary

microSURE™ proved to be an effective solution for combating and avoiding the growth of powdery mildew across all testing sites. During the trials, powdery mildew was present on the control grapes and many of the competitor treated grapes as well. Grapes treated with microSURE™ did not demonstrate any notable signs of powdery mildew throughout the study. In addition to the positive outcomes witnessed with the grapes, it is important to note that neither the leaves and/or stems surrounding the grapes, portrayed any significant evidence of powdery mildew when treated with the microSURE™ solution.

Dr. Akif Eskalen is an award winning and globally recognized plant pathologist at the University of California Cooperative Extension, Eskalen Lab. His research focuses on the identification, biology, epidemiology, and control of fungal pathogens on vines, trees and small fruits & berries.


Strategia is honored to have Dr. Eskalen working directly with the microSURE™ technology and product line.

Based on the successful outcomes of the 2021 Powdery Mildew trial, microSURE™ will continue with new and ongoing testing at University of California, Davis.

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