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Introducing microSURE™ Athlete:

Leylah Annie Fernandez


Welcome to Our microSURE™ Family!

Strategia and the microSURE™ brand is a family that represents mastery, safety, honesty, integrity, and grit. Leylah Annie Fernandez is a microSURE™ athlete who exhibits all these qualities and we are extremely proud of Leylah and all of her accomplishments thus far. At a time when the world is faced with turmoil and global fear of the pandemic, we continue to stand at the front line and fight to keep our microSURE™ family members protected.  We are honored to be able to protect athletes like Leylah as they travel and tour from country to country, state to state to state and city to city, in order to  complete at the most challenging levels.


Leylah represents everything that microSURE™ stands for and we are proud to have her as a member of our microSURE™ family!

leylah wound care.png
leylah pointing.png
leyah microsure bottles.png
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