Dr. Erwin Lo, Neurosurgeon and founder, collaborated over 10 years ago with a group of experts as it relates to material science and biotechnology, to develop a very unique soluble antimicrobial solution to protect any multiple diverse surface including the human skin. The antimicrobial affect occurs when the solution dries and mechanically attaches, leaving behind a nanomolecular silica dioxide crystalline layer, which eradicates any bacteria and virus. For years, science has combated these biohazards with “Chemical Kills” – utilizing toxic combinations of chemicals against various biological threats (bacteria, viruses, etc.). Through the study and advancements in the field of nanotechnology, Strategia has developed a process to create a “Mechanical Kill” allowing the surface of an object itself to destroy the cell walls of the bio threat attempting to adhere. This covalent bond becomes a barrier on the surface in which it is attached. Our team has developed patented systems of applications and materials that provide a variety of solutions to almost any public healthcare threat. In addition, our unique technologies provide various methods of protection, which include a delivery system in aerosol form (Vapor/Mist) for large area coverage. Our team of experts have collaborated with Major Airlines, Cruise Lines and other public transportation industries concerned about the spread of microbes in passenger cabins, and developed an electrostatically charged disinfectant sprayer, to treat an entire vessel in a matter of minutes.

Unparalleled Protection...

The coating displayed above was taken by an electron microscope and is approximately 4 Nano meters in size, as opposed to most microbial matter, which is 90-100 Nano meters in size, making it impervious to the bio-hazard. The material has been developed in such a way, that it creates a “Micro Crystalline Structure”.


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